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Transfer of the right of use and its benefits

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Lascaux Srl wrote the information provided in this web site extracting them from internal and external sources, to the best of its actual knowledges and capacities and with maximum professional diligence. These information will be updated and increased continually and regularly. The information on the site have the only purpose to present Lascaux Srl, its products and services; any declaration made nor warranty provided, implicit or explicit, regarding the completeness or accuracy of information there contained. In particular, please keep in mind that the information could be not always updated. Therefore, we recommend to verify the information extracted from this site before using them in any way. If you desire further news or instructions about our products or services, please contact us directly. The users of this site declare and accept to access the site and its contents at their own risk. Neither Lascaux Srl nor third parties that have edited the writing, production or transmission of this site can be considered responsible for damages or accident deriving from access or impossibility to access, use or impossibility to use this site, or trusting the information it cointains


The individuals indicated as customers are the societies for which Lascaux has 1) realised directly or third party a solution, a product or part of it; 2) presented directly or third party one or more economic offerts also during approval; 3) provided specialistic consultation. The individuals interested can request the cancellation of the own data from the Customers Register sending an email to [email protected], indicating the denomination that you want to remove and optionally the reason of the removal.

Third parties web-sites/link

The site contains link/reference to third parties web-sites. Lascaux Srl can’t control what it’s contained in them. Therefore the user agrees that Lascaux Srl doesn’t have any responsability concerning the availability or contents of above-mentioned web-sites. In the same way, it’s not responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages or accidents deriving from the use of above-mentioned contents under any form. The links to other web-sites are provided to web users for pure and simple convenience. The users access that web sites at their own risk.

Data provided by users

In the exercise of the activity of optional, esplicit and voluntary sending of email to addresses here consultable, the site user is responsible of the content and reality of what is sent as well as possible violation of third parties rights. Therefore that sending implies the acquisition of the email address of the sender, essential to respect the requests received and possible personal data indicated in the letter itself. So Lascaux Srl, in order to fulfill the duties provided by art.13 and 23 of the Code regarding the personal data protection regulated by D.lgs n.196/2003, arrange the circular and the concurrent consent request, necessary to completion of personal data treatment, for web users interested in that service.

International users

Lascaux Srl doesn’t guarantee that the information on the site are correct also abroad and in particular that products and services are available in the same exterior appearance, in the same format or under the same conditions. The user works hard to respect all the applicable laws relating the transmission of data exported from the country residence. If you visit this site or you download information from a place different from Italy, …. To take note that the user is responsable for making sure that this way of act is in compliance with the local legislation in effect. The products mentioned in this site can have different boxes, different packaging dimensions or different caption and insigna depending on the country.


The user is obligated to protect the own access data (ID and password) from any not authorized use from third parties and be sure that they can’t be use by third parties without authorization. The user works hard to notify immediately to Lascaux Srl: any possible violation of security rules regarding the information available on Lascaux Srl web-site; any not authorized use of the own access data or possible suspects that the not authorized access can realize.

Applicable law and competent forum

Any ineherent deriving or connected dispute to the present Conditions or relative to this site will be regulated by the law of the Italian Republic excluding what provided from private international right and from Aia Convention regarding the law of uniformity of international sales of goods dated 1 July 1964 as well as from convention of sales of United Nations dated 11 April 1980. For any dispute will be exclusively competent the Forum of Arezzo.

Declarations that move up the future

This web site contains declarations that move up the future and that are based on corrent previsions and assumptions made by Lascaux srl direction. Different risks, known or not, uncertainty and other factors could bring to material differences among current expected results, the financial situation, the society development or performance and valuation here contained. The society doesn’t assume any responsability of any nature, regarding the updating of this declarations that move up the future or their updating to events and future developments.